Step 1
Get your hands on a bicycle; preferably your own.

Someone's bicycle; preferable your own.

Step 2
Loosen the handle bars at the stem so that you can fold them down.

A racing bicycle with dropped down handlebars.

Step 3
Turn the handle bars towards the right hand side (viewed from above) at right angles.
N.B. If you own a mountain bike, turn the handle bars so that the front brake caliper is closest to the down tube on the frame.

Step 4
Twist the handle bars so that the drops fold down and around the top tube of your frame.
N.B. If you own a mountain bike you will need to remove your handle bars and if it is a large 29er, remove the rear derailleur and if it is an XL double susser, you may also need to remove the rear brake caliper in order to fit the bicycle into the case.
N.B. If your frame exceeds 64cm you may need to lower your saddle.

Handle bars at an angle, and dropped.

Step 5
In the rare event that you do have to lower your saddle, make sure you mark your saddle height before loosening the securing bolt.

Step 6
Tighten the seat pillar bolt after you have lowered your saddle to keep it secure in the lowered position. Keep this adjustment down to the minimum, so that the frame just clears the BikeSafe lid when fitted.
N.B. Do not remove your pedals.

Step 7
Move chain across onto large chainring.

Chain on large chainring.

Step 8
Take off both wheels and if you have wheel bags, place them in the wheel bags.

Step 9
Turn the frame upside down and place it into the BIKEARMOUR Case.

Bicycle upside down with wheels removed.

Step 10
If you have a chain cover place it over the large chain ring, right hand side pedal and the rear derailleur and pull the toggle tight.

Placing the chain cover onto the chain, rear derailleur and right hand side pedal.

Step 11
Carefully place the front wheel next to the frame under the chain ring and securely under the pedal.
N.B. If you use disc brakes, make sure the disc is closest to the frame.
Put the back wheel on the other side of the box (opposite the brake levers) behind the front forks, under the left hand side pedal and with the cluster within the frame triangle.
N.B. If you do not have wheel bags, place supplied foam square between your frame and wheel.

Putting the wheels into the Bikesafe bike box.

Step 12
Place the webbing strap between the front forks, over the bottom bracket and between the rear brake pads and secure clip.

Securing the webbing strap.

Step 13
Press down firmly on the bottom bracket and at the same time pull the strap tight so that the saddle and handle bars are pulled firmly into the foam on the floor of the case.

Tightening the webbing strap.

Step 14
If the plastic clip is touching the frame of your bike when the strap is tightened, simply turn your frame through 180˚.

Step 15
To put the lid onto the base of the box turn it about 30˚ clockwise and carefully lower it over the pedals and rear derailleur before lining it up with the base and sliding it forward to line up with the four combination locks.

Putting the lid on the Bikesafe bicycle case.

Step 16
Set your combination locks to your favourite three digit code and close them firmly.

  1. The default factory setting for all locks is ‘0-0-0’
  2. Open the lock by lifting the red button
  3. Lift the base plate and locate the little combination change lever, located in the L shaped slot
  4. Slide the lever toward the opposite end of the L shaped slot
  5. Lower base plate and turn dials to set your favourite combination (e.g. birthday, phone number, etc)
  6. Lift base plate again and return change lever to original position in the L shaped slot
  7. Your combination is now locked in until you change it
  8. You cannot close or open the padlock on the wrong numbers
  9. To provide total protection for your valuables, simply secure the locks and rotate the dial for one or more of the numbers
  10. Please set all four padlocks to the same combination

Setting the combination locks.

Step 17
Your bike is now ready for transport.


Step 18
When opening the BIKEARMOUR Case, do not forget to turn the lid clockwise by about 30˚to release the pedals and derailleur before lifting the lid.