High density polyethylene bicycle travel case

The BIKEARMOUR bicycle case is the ultimate travelling case for all cyclists on all levels of cycling. The BIKEARMOUR bicycle case accommodates all standard road bicycles. time trial bicycles, Mountain Bikes including 29er bicycle frames.

R 4,800.00

Excluding Delivery

#1 Bicycle Hardshell Travel Cases

Bicycle (Bike) Hardshell Travel Bags / Cases

Colour Options

The BIKEARMOUR bike case is available in Black, Blue, Green, Pink and Red.


Lightest hard shell bicycle case on the market

  • High density polyethylene
  • Total protection
  • Easy handling
  • Pack your bike in under five minutes
  • Secure
  • No bent derailleurs
  • No scratches
  • No dents
  • No damaged forks
  • Airline friendly
  • Best bike box in South Africa
  • Suitable for road, time trial, MTB and 29er


The BIKEARMOUR bicycle case is made from high density polyethylene which ensures total protection for your bike, it’s easy to handle and you pack pack your bike into your BIKEARMOUR bicycle box in less than five minutes.

The BIKEARMOUR bicycle box ensures that your bike endures no more bent derailleurs, no scratches, no dents and no damages forks. A big perk the BIKEARMOUR bicycle case has to offer is that it is airline friendly and accepted by all major airlines locally and internationally. Flying and travelling with your bicycle has never been this easy thanks to BIKEARMOUR. 

The BIKEARMOUR bicycle case is the lightest hard shell bike case on the market and easily the best bike box in South Africa. Order your BIKEARMOUR bicycle case online today!